Best Ping Pong Table Under $500

5 Cheap Ping Pong Tables Under $500 – Money-Saving Fun for the Entire Family


You don’t have to pay a small fortune to buy a good table tennis table, whether you’re an amateur or a professional, because there are budget-friendly models under $500. Everything you love about table tennis or ping pong – fun, safety, and competition for the entire family – is available in a low-cost table that can be fully set up inside the house.

If you are new to ping pong, it may be challenging to choose the finest ping pong table under $500. To make your purchasing experience easier, we evaluated crucial parameters such as full and folded dimensions, weight, warranty information, surface thickness, and many more that can affect the performance of the table.

We spent numerous hours conducting detailed research, consulting professionals who have been in the table tennis industry for years, and going through hundreds of evaluations left by real people on credible sources to guarantee that this guide is complete. We’ve also had a lot of fun testing the tables ourselves. This guide begins with a comparison table that displays each product’s rating. Following that are detailed reviews of each product, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. The final piece is a buying guide that provides all of the information you need to know about ping pong tables.


Brief Synopsis


  • STIGA Advantage is the editor’s choice.

“Sturdy, low-cost ping pong table with dependable safety latches and steel legs that move easily on caster wheels.”

  • JOOLA Inside 15 Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables Under $500

“Great table tennis table with the option of a solo game thanks to the easily separated halves and adjustable height.”

  • Best Outdoor Table Tennis Table: STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

“A popular model that is so simple to assemble and use; the 3-inch wheels with locks and 1.25-inch square steel legs with levelers ensure stability.”

  • STIGA Space Saver is our budget pick.

“Moderately priced ping pong table with a steel tube apron constructed of two independent halves and foldable legs.”

  • Butterfly Junior is the most compact ping pong table under $500.

“Space-saving lightweight ping pong table with net and easy-to-move foldable legs.”


Top 5 Ping Pong Tables Under $500



STIGA Advantage is the editor’s choice.



  • 60” x 108” x 30” Dimensions
  • 180 pound weight limit
  • 5/8” surface thickness
  • Dimensions when folded: 60” x 28” x 64”

Additional features include:

independent halves, a heavy duty net, safety latches, steel legs, 3” lockable caster wheels, and 1.2” steel tube aprons.


The Stiga Advantage is a visually appealing and long-lasting competitive grade table that is appropriate for both beginners and pros. Its incredibly slim design and exceptional craftsmanship set it apart from the competition.


This high-performance, low-cost table has a 5/8-inch-thick playing surface and durable, easy-to-adjust feet. The feet include well-made rubber levelers to prevent your flooring from damage.

The Stiga Advantage is simple to set up and store, as one would expect from a high-quality ping pong table. This is made possible by the zero-gravity feature, which makes it feel weightless whether setting it up or storing it.


This rough table’s sturdy structure and stunning surface finish will undoubtedly surprise you.


Unlike other table tennis tables on the market, the Stiga Advantage comes with a professional-spec heavyweight net that will most likely cost you $40 or more.


Needless to say, the Stiga Advantage is a high quality and strong ping pong table made of top quality materials, with a slew of outstanding features, but it does have a few flaws.


Some consumers grumbled about the table’s thin surface. Furthermore, the table is not weatherproof and cannot be used outside. Of course, none of this detracts from the performance of this ping pong table.


So, if you want a high-performance ping pong table that will last a long time, the Stiga Advantage is a wonderful choice.


What distinguishes it?


  • High-quality materials were used to create this item.
  • Durable construction
  • Simple to assemble and store
  • High-quality net
  • It is reasonably priced.


What disadvantages did we discover?


  • It is not suitable for usage outside.
  • It is not watertight.
  • Top-surfing thin

JOOLA Inside 15 Best Indoor Ping Pong Tables Under $500



  • 60” x 108” x 30” Dimensions
  • Weight: 189 pounds
  • 5/8” surface thickness
  • Dimensions when folded: 61” x 21” x 64”

 Additional features include:

separate folding halves, locking caster wheels, a 1.5” resin apron, adjustable height, USATT approval, and safety latches.

Joola is a heavyweight German firm that has been producing high-quality tennis equipment since 1950. Its most recent offering, the JOOLA Inside, is a durable, low-cost, and well-made ping-pong table.


This table has 1.5-inch steel legs, a 5/8-inch top, and a rust-proof coated base.


The JOOLA Inside, like other high-quality ping pong tables on the market, conveniently divides into two halves. You will be able to move it around with relative ease and practice on your own without the requirement for a partner with this function.

Unlike some ping pong tables that are difficult to assemble, the JOOLA Inside is really simple to assemble. Because it is 90% preassembled, you can put it together in less than 15 minutes.


This heavy-duty ping pong table’s solid construction, outstanding finishing, and ultra-smooth surface make it ideal for extended usage.


As you are probably aware, the JOOLA Inside is a fantastic ping pong table, but it has three major flaws. First and foremost, it is not suitable for serious players wishing to improve their skills, as its thickness will not provide the necessary speed and ball bounce. Second, it cannot be used or stored outside, particularly in humid conditions. Finally, it is heavier than models from competing brands on the market.


So, if you are a beginner searching for a sturdy ping pong table to perfect your skills, the JOOLA inside 15 is a wonderful choice.


What are our favorite characteristics?

  • It is simple to put together.
  • Legs with a 1.5-inch diameter
  • Rust-resistant undercarriage
  • It is simple to transport and store.
  • High-quality materials were used to create this item.


What could possibly be better?

  • It is substantial.
  • It cannot be used outside or in hot and humid climates.
  • It is not suitable for professional players.


 STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table



  • (Assembled) dimensions: 108 x 60 x 30 inches
  • Folded dimensions: 64 x 23 x 60 inches
  • 63 inch surface thickness
  • I weigh 166 pounds.


Additional features include:

1.25-inch square steel legs with levelers; 3-inch lockable wheels


The first item on our list is the STIGA XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table, which has a unique design that is excellent for the garage or patio. The design is accurate, and the ping pong table is built to withstand the elements, especially with its aluminum composite surface. Because of the aluminum composite, it has a great bounce and overall playability. It’s also an all-weather table, which means it’s built to resist all kinds of weather. Indeed, it should come as no surprise that this model is the greatest top-rated outdoor ping pong table.


This ping pong table has 1.25-inch steel legs for maximum stability. You can easily set the table to the proper height or make the playing area even with the leg levelers, which is an important feature if you wish to play in your backyard. The leg section has an automated opening mechanism that allows it to open and close effortlessly for handling and storage. The three-inch diameter wheels also include safety locks to keep the movement under control. The locks not only give safety, but they also provide stability.

A safety lock is also located on the underside of the table. The safety latch can be used to prevent unwanted opening when the table is folded. With all of these safety features, it’s easy to see how much attention went into the design of this table. The only thing that might deter customers is the somewhat high price tag, which the table’s durability and performance more than justify.


What stands out the most?


  • It has numerous safety measures.
  • Durable and highly stable construction
  • Table that may be used in any weather


What drawbacks did we discover?


  • Pricey


 STIGA Space Saver is our budget pick



  • Measurements: 71″ x 40.5″ x 30″
  • Weight: 73 pounds
  • 5/8” surface thickness
  • Dimensions when folded: 35.5″ x 40.5″ x 3.6″


      Additional features include:

Foldable 1.25 steel tube apron, leg levelers, independent halves, 38.5” heavy-duty neoprene

The STIGA room Saver is a lightweight, portable, and low-cost ping pong table ideal for individuals with limited room. This high-performance ping-pong table’s attractive design, exceptional performance, and strong construction make it a must-have for beginning and advanced players.


This amazing table is made of high-quality MDF components that have been professionally polished to give an exceptionally smooth surface. It is also lined with a distinctive silkscreen striping that is meticulously printed on the table’s surface to give it an eye-catching and sophisticated finish.

The STIGA Space Saver is 71″ x 40.5″ x 30″ in size and weighs 73 lbs. You will be able to move it around with great ease because it is lightweight. Its 1.25-inch legs provide exceptional support, keeping it sturdy and level.


Unlike conventional ping pong tables, which can only be used indoors, the STIGA Space Saver may be used both inside and outside. It is also simple to build and move.


The STIGA Space Saver is an excellent ping pong table, however it does have a few flaws. First, separating the table top parts is tough. Furthermore, its screw may become loose with time.

So, if you’re on a tight budget or have limited playing space, STIGA Space Saver is an excellent choice.


What made it to our list?


  • It is transportable.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is simple to put together.


What is wrong with it?


  • Table top parts are tough to separate.
  • The screws may become looser with time.



Butterfly Junior is the most compact ping pong table under $500




  • Measurements: 81″ x 45″ x 30″
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • 4” surface thickness
  • Dimensions when folded: 49” x 45” x 4”


More features include:

folding legs, a net, corner protection padding, separate halves, and four wheels.


The Butterfly Junior is a beautiful ping pong table with excellent build quality that is suitable for both children and adults. Its eye-catching and small design set it different from other brands’ versions.


This high-quality ping pong table is 81″ x 45″ x 30″, has a surface thickness of 0.4″, and weighs 75lbs. Because it is lightweight, you will be able to move and store it without difficulty.


The Butterfly Junior, like other high-quality ping pong tables on the market, is foldable. It is also portable and may be kept anyplace. The table features special wheels that allow you to move it around with ease.


When you choose the Butterfly Junior, you won’t have to worry about how to construct it because it comes pre-assembled.


This high-performance table was built with premium materials and a high-quality steel frame to assure its durability.


The Butterfly Junior is an economical ping pong table with a lot of interesting features, but it does have a few drawbacks. For starters, it is not waterproof and should not be kept outside. Furthermore, each side can only have one player.


So, if you want a strong, lightweight, and portable ping pong table, the Butterfly Junior is a wonderful choice.


What is it that we adore?

  • Simple to construct
  • Lightweight
  • It can be folded.
  • Wheels have been installed to facilitate movement.


What were our disappointments?

  • It is not waterproof.
  • Each side can only have one player.


Things to Think About

As you are aware, there are numerous ping pong tables available for less than $500. They may not all be suitable for your specific requirements and tastes. Some crucial qualities must be considered in order to make an informed option and ultimately narrow down a decent one. In this part, we’ll take a look at some of these characteristics.


What can you anticipate for the price of a budget ping pong table?

The days of spending a small fortune on a high-quality ping pong table are long gone. There are now a plethora of recognized brands that provide high-quality ping pong tables at an affordable price. You could anticipate to pay between $250 and $450 for one that will last you for years and years. Avoid inexpensive ping pong tables like the plague since they may be of poor quality and will come apart after a while. To enhance your chances of finding a nice table that will last, look for models from prominent companies like STIGA Advantage or JOOLA Inside 15 that have a lot of favorable feedback.

Is it going to be indoors or outside?

Of course, you are free to select whatever ping pong table you wish. However, before making a final decision, you should carefully examine where you will be playing and storing it.


If you just intend to play it within your flat, choose an indoor ping pong table type like the JOOLA inside 15. If you intend to store or play it outside, however, you should choose an outdoor model, such as the Harvil Outsider, as they are made with a studier, high quality galvanized steel substructure. The playing surfaces of outdoor ping pong tables, as you might expect, are waterproof and resistant to the elements.


Features to look for when purchasing the finest ping pong table under $500


Purchasing a high-quality ping pong under $500 is not a simple feat, especially if this is your first purchase. With so many models available, it may be tough to choose one that is suitable for you. To cut through the clutter and narrow down your options, examine crucial qualities like as sturdiness, user-friendliness, space-saving, table size, playback action, and many more, as these can affect the performance of the table.


Table Dimensions


This is a critical characteristic that should be carefully considered regardless of the ping pong table model you choose. Ping pong tables, as you may know, come in a variety of sizes; some are compact and portable, while others are enormous and take up a lot of space. Consider measuring your playroom to see if the ping pong table you want will fit. If your playroom is large, standard-size models such as the STIGA Advantage or the JOOLA Inside 15 are suitable. If your play area is limited, however, you should consider portable models such as the STIGA Space Saver.




Ping pong tables built of high-quality materials will last for many years. Low-quality tables will undoubtedly bend and buckle over time, making them difficult or impossible to use. Non-folding tables are often sturdier than foldable tables due to increased frame strength. Cheaper ping pong tables are constructed of materials such as wood, whereas high quality and lasting ones are made of stainless steel.

The legs and wheels of a ping pong table are two critical components that govern its performance. Check the diameter of the legs of the ping pong table model you are considering before making a purchase. Models with steel legs are preferable. In addition, the table must have a lockable wheel to keep it sturdy during playing.


When playing ping pong with family or friends, safety should be your top focus, as accidents can occur, resulting in catastrophic injuries. If the table is not properly assembled or the locking mechanism fails, it may roll over and injure your feet. To ensure safety, choose models with safety features like as levers for easy folding and locks to prevent it from collapsing while play. Some ping pong tables have padded corners to protect spectators and players from injury.

Saving space


You can see that you don’t have to buy the biggest ping pong table on the market to have a good time. A model of standard or average size will suffice. If you live in a small flat, however, you should choose portable models such as the STIGA Space Saver or the Butterfly Junior. These models are collapsible, making them easy to transport and store.

If you have a large play space or intend to use your ping pong table outside, go with a standard-sized model like the STIGA Advantage or the JOOLA inside 15. You should also look into more economical table tennis conversion tops, which allow you to change even surfaces into playfields.

Playback selection


This is a crucial element to consider, especially if you live alone and may not have a partner to play with most of the time. When you have a ping pong table with a playback option, you can play on your own when there is no one else to play with.


As you may be aware, not every ping pong table on the market has this capability. So, before making a purchase, make sure it has a playback option. Yes, models with this feature are a little more expensive, but you shouldn’t let that prevent you from purchasing them because you can use it when you have a playmate or when you’re alone.

Set of accessories


If you don’t want to spend money on extras like balls and storage bags, choose a model that comes with them, such as the Harvil Outsider, which comes with four bats, a special cover to protect the table from the elements, eight balls, and a portable storage bag.


The two most important additions for a great playing experience are ball storage and an abacus scorer. You will have simple access to ping pong balls with ball storage. The abacus scorer is used to keep score records. It is often made of wood and is attachable to the table.

Ping pong advice for beginners


It takes a lot of practice to become an expert ping pong player. Even if you buy a high-end table, you won’t become a better player overnight. Here are some pointers to get you started.

  • Form is impeccable.

If your form is precise and balanced, you will be able to move quickly in all directions.


  • Maintain low returns.

Keep the ball as low as possible, but not so low that it hits the net. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for your opponent to hit the ball with power.

  • Practice, practice, and more practice
  • The only way to improve as a player is to practice for long periods of time. Remember that competing is not the same as practicing. When you compete, you will most likely have a strong desire to win. When you practice, though, you will be more concerned with improving your strategies, technique, and talent rather than winning.
  • Look for a partner.

You will not become an amazing player if you only play on your own. So, find someone at your skill level and practice often with them.

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