Best Stiga Advantage Professional Table

The Stiga Advantage Professional Table Tennis is a high-quality table tennis table designed for

professional players and serious competitors. It features a durable and robust construction with a 5/8

inch (15mm) thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF) surface, which offers excellent ball bounce and

gameplay. The surface is also finished with a silk-screened striping for a consistent ball placement and

easy set-up.

The table is easy to assemble and can be conveniently folded and stored when not in use, thanks to its

steel frame and 2-inch lockable casters. This table is also designed with safety in mind, equipped with a

rust-resistant steel frame, and a safety latch system to prevent unintended opening or closing of the


Other features of the Stiga Advantage Professional Table Tennis include a spacious tabletop that can

accommodate two to four players, adjustable leg levelers for stable gameplay on any surface, and an

integrated ball storage system for easy access to balls during gameplay.

Overall, the Stiga Advantage Professional Table Tennis is an excellent choice for players who are looking

for a high-quality table that meets professional standards and delivers a great playing experience

Self-contained halves and playback

The two table halves can be fully separated for multiple uses thanks to independent caster beams in

each half, or you can use the playback position to hone your skills before your next match.

Safety Latch Mechanism

For additional security, a spring-loaded safety latch system on the underside of the table locks the table

top into the upright position so that it won’t suddenly open.

Wheels that Lock

With eight 3” premium black casters that lock into position for added safety, the table rolls over the

surfaces with ease.

Easily Extended Legs

To increase convenience and safety, the legs have a self-opening design that automatically deploys the

legs from storage to play position as you open and shut the table.

Leg levellers that are movable

The table top is supported by 1.2” square steel legs that have 1.5” adjustable leg levellers to keep the

playing area level and well-protected even on uneven floors.

Grade A Net and Post Set for Tournaments

The 72” clamp-style net and post set, which features tension and height adjustments and is tournament-

grade, is simple to put up and take down.

Convenient Storage

With its incredibly small nested storage location, just tuck it away.

5/8” Table Top Thickness

For players of all skill levels, this 5/8” thick table surface provides exceptional playability and durability.

To produce a level, reliable, and uniform playing surface, the tournament blue table top is painted using

an automated repeat roller coating procedure.

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