How much does a good Ping Pong Table cost

When it comes to purchasing something, one criterion is critical: the price. This is also true for ping pong tables. You might just respond to the question “How much does a ping pong table cost?” with “It depends.” But that’s not going to get you anywhere. This page is intended to provide you with an exact estimate of the cost of your new table.

What is the price of a ping pong Table?

The usual price for indoor tables is $250-500, $400-700 for outdoor tables, and $50-150 for tiny tables. Conversion tops, which are basically just tables without legs, cost between $150 and $300. A table tennis table can cost anything from $1000€ to $4000€ if you want a high-end product.


Of course, this brief overview does not explain why there are significant pricing discrepancies between different models or which price range is best for you. The answers to these questions will be provided in the course of this post.

Why do outdoor tables cost more than indoor ones?


First and foremost, it is vital to explain why the various versions cost different amounts. Because there is no true upper limit, I refer to the relative average prices.


In general, outdoor tables are more expensive than inside tables because the surface is not exclusively composed of wood. The playing surface is coated with melamine resin, an aluminum composite, or any combination of the two, depending on the manufacturer. This extra coating makes them waterproof and weatherproof, allowing them to be used outside.

Indoor tables, on the other hand, are mostly made of wood and hence less expensive to produce and, of course, less expensive. However, at this time, you need carefully assess if you should take advantage of the lower pricing.


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Because an indoor plate should only be purchased if there is no intention of playing outdoors. Keep in mind that no improvement will make an indoor table appropriate for outside use! Outdoor tables merely pay for the added freedom and more sturdy structure, and they can always be used indoors as well.

What distinguishes the various pricing ranges in tables?

The higher the price, the higher the quality of the materials utilized to make a table. The surface of less priced indoor tables, for example, is constructed of plywood, whilst the surface of more expensive models is composed of medium-density fiberboard.


Outdoor tables have similar characteristics. For example, high-end tables are typically clad in galvanized steel, but low-cost tables are more likely to be covered in melamine resin.

Of course, this isn’t limited to the playing field. On more expensive tables, the wheels and frame are also built of higher quality materials. But does it truly make a difference when you’re playing? Is it necessary to use galvanized steel or fiberboards to play table tennis?

In my opinion, and in the vast majority of circumstances, the answer is: No!. There are various tables in the lower price ranges that are ideal for recreational use. In this instance, it is usually not essential for a table to exactly fulfill the ITTF’s formal specifications.


Nonetheless, the qualitative materials serve their role. And this is to ensure that just these official competition conditions are provided. A typical ball, for example, must bounce from 30 cm to 23 cm high. With a high-end table, you can be certain of this.


Which pricing range is appropriate for you?


Beginners and even advanced players, in my opinion, do not require a high-end table that offers perfect competitive circumstances. What is required, though, is a dependable and durable table.


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Plates for the outdoors


An outdoor table is ideal for playing outside in the garden, on the terrace, or in the yard. This is especially true if you intend to play or store the table in the garage, which is not possible with indoor-only tables.

If you want a long-lasting, strong recreational outdoor table, $450 ( $50) is the correct price range for you. This is on the lower end of the average for outdoor tables at this price, but it is more than enough for most applications. In this scenario, I would recommend the table below:

  • Table from the STIGA XTR Series


If you want to be the best, you should obviously raise your standards for the ping pong table. In this scenario, I’d go for a more expensive model. You should search around in the $650 ( 50) pricing range. This could be a possible plate:


  • Outdoor Joola Nova Pro Plus


Plates for use in the home

With a price of $350 ( $50), you are doing everything right if you are looking for a recreational indoor plate. If I were you, I would choose the table below:


  • Indoor Advantage Lite Recreational Table by STIGA


Do you wish to compete in challenging indoor competitions under ideal conditions? Then you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for for 550€ (50€). In this instance, I would recommend the following Joola table for formal competitions:


  • TL Joola Rally


What are the additional costs associated with a Ping Pong Table?


With only a ping pong table, you can’t do much. Of course, you’ll also need the appropriate equipment to play the game. This means that, in addition to the cost of a table tennis table (if one is not already available), at least two new paddles and a pair of balls must be purchased.


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It is fully dependent on your requirements, as it is with the tables. In general, you should budget for the following additional costs:


  • Beginner – about $20-$50
  • Advanced – approximately $80
  • Professional – approximately $120


If you want to secure and maintain your new table, you need think about the following extra charges.

  • Approximately $20 for a plate cover.
  • Cleaning kit – around $20


How much money does the most costly table Ping Pong Table?


There is no upper limit, as is commonly the case. Even though the most expensive tables are out of my price range, I enjoy investigating how much they may cost.


Tables that match the ITTF’s regulatory specifications can be found for around $600. So, with the most expensive table tennis tables, it’s no longer about the quality of play, but rather about the design.


According to speculations, the American rapper 2-Chainz paid between $28000 and $48000 for his new ping pong table. It was created by

Tables from traditional table tennis brands can cost up to 5000€. However, these are models found in city parks, for example. The most costly table I found that is still for private use is the Killerspin Revolution SVR BlackSteel, which costs $4299.


An investment that pays off

Yes, purchasing a ping pong table is a significant financial investment. However, as I previously stated, you should not spend more than $600. In my opinion, this is an investment that will be well worth it. spending’s worth spending just for the enjoyment of table tennis, and a table will last at least 20 years if properly cared for.


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