Is STIGA Good Ping Pong Table

STIGA, or “STIGA Sports AB”, is a Swedish firm that manufactures ping pong table equipment. They have been in business since 1944 and are a global leader in both recreational and tournament-quality ping pong equipment. STIGA has been in business for almost 70 years, which means they know what they’re doing. They are a high-integrity company that stands behind their products, and I would not hesitate to purchase from them.


More expensive STIGA ping pong table include larger wheels, thicker tops, sturdier chassis, and more added features than inexpensive ones. This is a nice feature of STIGA tables; they don’t just provide one choice for casual players and another for competitive players. They provide a set of tables that, as they become more expensive, have more competitive, high-end features and materials, offering players many more options between the very low recreational table price point and the highly high competitive table pricing. This provides you with many more options for obtaining a table that meets your exact demands, regardless of your budget.

The STIGA STS 420 Ping Pong Table

The STIGA STS 420 is an upscale indoor table with a 1-inch thick table top. This table falls somewhere between the mid-tier and premium price ranges and provides an excellent tournament-quality playing experience at a reasonable price. This table is an excellent alternative for intermediate to expert players searching for an indoor-only table due to its thick playing surface, good quality components, and nice assortment of convenience features.



  • A 212″ powder-coated steel apron is included.
  • Ball storage built in
  • Corner shields
  • Tournament-Grade Table with Easy-Assembly QuickPlay Chassis
  • 1″ Thick Table Top with Silk-Screened Striping 2.5″ Legs with Leg Levelers and 5″ Lockable Mag Wheels 72″ Premium Clipper Net and Post System Wheel locks are included, as are self-opening legs and additional H-style cross-brace support.

STIGA is a market leader in table tennis equipment, has been in business for over seventy years, and is sponsored by both the Chinese and Swedish national table tennis teams.

Table construction

The STIGA STS 420 is made of high-quality wood that has been sanded and treated with UV filler before being sprayed in multiple coats of specialist paint to assure its longevity. The 1-inch thick playing surface complies with ITTF criteria for tournament-level performance. Silk screen printing is used to make the surface smoother and thus easier for players to play on. The table is exceptionally sturdy, weighing over 300 pounds. The heavy-duty steel frame, undercarriage, and legs provide tournament-quality stability to the table.

Playing expertise


Ping pong on the STIGA STS 420 will undoubtedly be smoother and more consistent than on other ping pong table. Because the ball bounces off a smooth and uniform 1-inch thick surface, controlling its direction is much easier. The materials and craftsmanship of this table are obvious the first time you play on it. The table overcomes any concerns with places that have an irregular and non-standard bounce, sometimes referred to as “dead areas” in tables manufactured with less expensive materials. It’s obvious that this is a table designed for serious and competitive ping pong players.

Convenience features

STIGA has included numerous appealing features to this ping pong table, some to make playing more convenient and others for safety. During play, the powder-coated steel apron, which is coated for a long-lasting finish, maintains the table solid and stable. The four corner protectors prevent individuals from collapsing and injuring themselves on the sharp corners, which is especially crucial in families with young children who can hit their heads there. The legs, which are equipped with heavy-gauge steel levelers to keep the STIGA STS 420 level regardless of how uneven the floor is, are designed to deploy automatically when the table is opened and closed. These levelers are adjustable in height by screwing and unscrewing them.

When the table is folded, a series of safety leg clips holds it in place. The table tennis table also contains five ball-bearing mag wheels with sport tread that allow it to glide easily across any sort of floor surface. When the table is in place, these wheels can be locked.

An apron for the balls runs the entire width of the table at each end. There is space for up to forty table tennis balls. STIGA has developed a revolutionary method of printing ink into the surface that does not interfere with play.

The assembly procedure

Another feature that makes the STIGA STS 420 so convenient is that the Quick Play chassis comes pre-assembled in the package, reducing the amount of assembly work you have to perform yourself. All you have to do is attach the legs to the table top and set up the net, and you’re ready to play ping pong with your buddies. According to one buyer, construction was as simple as four bolts and sliding the table top pieces into the table frame’s base. They were ready to play after screwing in the leg levelers.

Potential drawbacks


The most significant disadvantage of the STIGA STS 420 is the shipping process. Many consumers have complained about parts arriving broken or deformed, mainly as a result of shipping concerns. With a shipping weight of approximately 370 pounds, this table may be crushed by its own weight. This is something potential buyers should bear in mind, and remember that you have the right to refuse to sign for a goods that was damaged during transit. Furthermore, STIGA has a strong track record of dealing with quality assurance and customer complaints involving broken components during the shipping process.


The STIGA STS 420 is a premium, tournament-quality indoor-only table from one of table tennis’ most recognizable companies. It is made of high-quality materials and is intended for competitive play by aggressive, strong players. This table allows players to practice and compete at a very high level. This table is highly recommended for serious ping pong players.

The STIGA STS 185 Ping Pong Table

The STIGA STS 185 table, which is less expensive than the 420, is a lower-tier ping pong table that is lighter and hence easier to operate than its heavier sibling. The STIGA STS 185, on the other hand, provides an excellent playing experience. It has a 3/4″ thick table top with silk screen printed tournament lines, 3″ ball-bearing wheels of high quality, a 2-inch wide steel apron, and 2-inch thick steel square legs.


  • Table that is ready for competition and includes a QuickPlay® chassis for quick assembly.
  • 2″ Legs with 3″ Mag Wheels 3/4″ Thick Table Top with Silk-Screened Striping
  • Apron 2″ Powder-Coated Steel with Patented Half-Length Ball Storage
  • 72″ Pivoting Net with Post Set Included – Open and Close Without Removing Net For Indoor Use Only



In the event that something goes wrong with the STIGA STS 185, it comes with an excellent warranty. Customers have repeatedly remarked that Stiga has been quite helpful in addressing concerns with their purchases. Stiga has a track record of putting things right for their consumers, whether it’s a manufacturing mistake or an issue with how the customer put the table together.


Another advantage of this table is that it comes with pre-built components that may be simply assembled with only a few nuts and screws. Stiga refers to it as a QuickPlay chassis since the majority of the components are already assembled and the cross beam supports and caster beams simply click into position. This means that the initial table setup is fairly simple; it does not have to be an all-day affair.


This table is built to last, with a 2″ Powder-Coated Steel Apron that naturally resists rust while also increasing durability and strength. The 3″ mag ball-bearing wheels make moving the table and closing/opening the table considerably easier. Most tables have inferior 2″ wheels, therefore this is a good feature that distinguishes this table.


Storage for Balls

Stiga’s Patented Half-Length Ball Storage is another fascinating feature. Full-length ball storage is built onto both end aprons on the STIGA STS 185. The ball storage integrates smoothly into the table, adding not only convenience but also style.



Overall, this is an excellent indoor ping pong table that competes with another popular JOOLA indoor ping pong table. It has some distinguishing features, such as 3″ mag ball-bearing wheels, a 3/4″ tournamnet level top, a strong structure, and ingenious integrated ball storage. The STIGA STS 185 also boasts excellent safety features, making it an excellent choice for families and novice/intermediate players.

STIGA  InstaPlay Review

Because of its excellence at this pricing point, the STIGA Insta Play Ping Pong table is immensely popular. While the table is not cheap, the design and quality of the components make it a wonderful bargain. In addition, the table has an incredible Insta Play feature that allows you to go from delivery to ping pong in just a few minutes.




  • With InstaPlay Technology, no assembly is required.
  • Black Table Top 3/4″ Thick with Silk Screen Striping
  • 2″ Legs with Locks and 3″ Mag Ball Bearing Wheels
  • Aprons made of 2″ steel with corner protectors
  • Included is a 66″ net and post set.
  • Only for Indoor Use

The Insta Play Function

The STIG The “InstaPlay” technology, which gives the table its name, allows it to be supplied practically completely constructed. This is something that no other full-sized table can achieve. The table will be delivered almost completely completed; the only assembly necessary when it comes is attaching the net and net posts to the table top, which should take around 5 minutes.


The STIGA Insta Play Ping Pong Table features 3″ ball bearing wheel casters for enhanced support and movement. The table includes a 3/4 inch grade black wood surface, robust 2″ square steel legs, and a 2″ steel support apron for further stability. The edge banding and striping, together with the black top, give this table an extremely attractive and durable look.

Separate Table Halves

This table is notable for its ability to be separated into two independent table halves. This might be very useful for parties, yard sales, or any other need for extra tables. If you have a use for it, this could be an added bonus.

Potential Problems


After a considerable amount of wear and tear, some customers have complained about sagging in the middle of the table. This could be a concern if you expect this table to be mistreated or abused by children or teenagers. Others have reported warping if the table is stored in a high-humidity environment. This is a problem with most indoor tables, but it is something to consider.


Despite the fact that it is not ITTF-approved, the STIGA Insta Play is a high-quality table manufactured by Stiga, one of the industry leaders in ping pong equipment. It’s quite convenient that it arrives almost completely built. It is also constructed with high-quality components and, for a table at this price point, provides a good playing surface, even for competitive players. The fact that it can be separated into two separate tables for use in parties or storage is an added bonus.

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