Ping Pong Table Brands

In this article, we highlight seven of the top brands in the table tennis industry and describe the brands’ identities as well as some of their features and goods. So let’s get started after that!
The majority of well-known brands come from established table tennis nations like Japan, Korea, China, and Sweden, as one might anticipate. Most have a long history in the table tennis world—50 years or more—and a solid reputation.This is my list of the top 14 table tennis manufacturers, which should be helpful to you when looking for new equipment.


JOOLA, a renowned name in table tennis as well, has been producing high-quality ping pong gear for more than 50 years.

50 other varieties of rubbers are also produced by the company. Their rubber line, which includes the X-Plode and Energy models, is produced in Germany. Other rubber series are produced in Estonia, China, Austria, and Japan.
Joola also sells apparel, robots, balls, bats, and balls. They pay close attention to what ping pong players are wearing. It’s also important to note that Joola creates 25 new goods each year.
Speed, control, and spin ratings for this brand are distinctive. Joola employs a colored scale in contrast to other companies who use numerical ratings. In the table tennis market, they believe that numerical ratings are arbitrary.
In addition, black stands for extremely high for advanced offensive, red for high offensive, blue for medium all-around, and green for low defense on their color scale.
Additionally, the Joola ping pong table has an anti-tilt component that ensures user safety and excellent ball balance. For convenient storage and transportation, the Joola table’s modular design can also be split into two pieces.
Joola also manufactures ping pong conversion tops that may be used in place of tables. The Dynaryz rubber offered by Joola is an improved version of the previous Dynaryz rubbers and can be used to
They gained notoriety in the 1950s and 1960s for being the pioneers of high-quality tables. They were able to expand after the popularity of their tables and began producing blades, rubbers, and balls.
They are still known for producing the highest-quality tables today, both for use in formal settings and for casual play. The presence of one of these tables in your basement is a surefire indication of your commitment to the game.
They have three times in a row (1996, 2000, 2004) served as the official table at the Olympics. This degree of loyalty is uncommon.


Stiga, a full-service table tennis provider, provides a vast array of items for players of all skill levels, but is particularly targeted towards novice and intermediate players.
Ball bearing wheels are included with Stiga ping pong tables, which make moving them much easier. They are simple to put up and take apart and contain provisions for high-quality ball bounce. The tables are also pleasing to the eye.
Table tennis is mostly played with Stiga table tennis balls.

Through Stiga, you can find anything and everything related to ping pong. They have established themselves as a household name in the sector, mostly as a result of their aggressive pricing. This is a great business for novices who want to test the waters without immediately investing their entire life savings in equipment.
Stiga was established in Sweden in 1938 and produced fundamental goods to promote the game there. They developed into a full-fledged business by 1944 and were among the first to mass-produce table tennis gear.
They have equipment all over the place. Since its inception, Stiga has grown to include additional sports and gaming items, including scooters, tabletop soccer, and more. These new products are getting favorable reviews thanks to their outstanding reputation.


This company was formed by Robert Blackwell Jr. and is one of the newest in the table tennis industry. Of order to increase the excitement of the game, he aimed to infuse table tennis with elegance and energy. The large number of people that attended the Chicago Ping Pong Festival motivated him.
They design their gear to accommodate a variety of playing techniques and skill levels. The most popular paddles in table tennis are killerspin paddles.
Players can experience the intensity that the brand’s inventor intended to convey by using their ping pong tables, which have sleek surfaces and arch-shaped bases that provide a good bounce for the ball.
International competitions are held in table tennis. There are businesses competing for your business all over the world to buy their goods. Not to be overlooked is the fact that the US is home to one of the top manufacturers of ping pong gear.
This company is the top producer in the US and is by far the most well-known there. It’s a fresh, creative brand with some seriously chic goods.
They sell tables, balls, paddles, and other equipment. They serve as players’ one-stop shop for all their table tennis needs. Our preferred starting paddle from their selection is the JET400. Even more, Killer Spin and ESPN are working together to deliver ping pong on TV and into every American household from coast to coast.


Emile Cornilleau founded this business back in 1946, and it is now renowned for its outstanding table tennis tables.
In order to create and market his hand-crafted cabinets and furniture, Cornilleau established a small joinery in France while he was a young man. A Parisian company placed an order with him for 300 table tennis tables in 1969.
He became recognized as a pioneer in table construction from that point on, and the business continues to uphold that reputation today. They now produce over 3 million tables annually and have even diversified into other sports. They supply rubbers, balls, and paddles among other things, and they have even begun to dominate the billiards industry. They are using pool tables to apply their intellectual property.

Butterfly ping pong table

If not a key figure in the development of table tennis, this is without a doubt the most well-known brand in the industry. The company, established on December 19, 1950, has a solid reputation because to its creation of high-quality goods.
Ping pong tables made by Butterfly are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship. They have streamlined tops that allow for every ball bounce in addition to having excellent edge protection. Because of the flexibility of their wheels, moving the table is simple and stress-free.
Butterfly arranges its paddles into groups according on the many playing nuances. They are reasonably priced and never let their customers down.
About 60% of players competing in the European and World Championships use Butterfly rubbers and blades because of their well-known reputation. Each year, they receive orders for more than 600,000 blades and 1,000,000 rubbers.

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