Stiga Optimum30mm Table Tennis Table

The Stiga Optimum 30 mm table tennis table is a high-end table designed for professional or serious

players who want to experience the best possible playing conditions.

This table features a 30mm thick playing surface made of high-quality wood, which provides excellent

bounce and ball response. It also has a unique “Good Bounce” system that enhances the quality of the

ball’s trajectory, making it easier to play and improve your skills.

The table also has a sturdy steel frame with multiple feet for added stability, and adjustable legs to

ensure it is level on any surface. It comes with a hassle-free folding and unfolding mechanism using a

single-handed release system, making it easy to store when not in use.

Premium VM Net and Post Set from STIGA

The STIGA Premium VM Net and Post Set, which has been used in a number of World Championships

and Olympic Games, is included with the table. It has been authorized by the ITTF (International Table

Tennis Federation). This net and post system has unparalleled playability thanks to heavy gauge steel

and precise tension adjustment.

Independent, Heavy-Duty Chassis Design

Self-Opening Levelers and Legs

The Optimum 30’s heavy-gauge steel legs measure 2-2/5 x 1-3/5 inches for unparalleled strength. The

table is ideally flat for tournament-level quality thanks to the four leg levellers.

Lockable Machine-Grade Casters

The table’s 4-inch machine-grade casters support its portability and enable it to roll over any surface

with ease. Once the table is in position, locking wheels increase its stability.

Take Up Position

For a playing experience they won’t soon forget, challenge your pals to a match of expert-level table


Size: 60 by 108 by 30 inches

4-inch machine-grade ball-bearing tyre casters with locks are featured on the Optimum in use. You play

on a 1.2” blue surface from serve to game-point. Unfair game? No issue: the table is supported by

levellers and a heavy-duty 2.4” curved steel apron. You also receive a net and poles fit for competition.

Superior Construction

Upgraded hardware for safety and durability, solid build. The tabletop is constructed from high-grade

metal, which is also used to make upscale outdoor ping pong tables.

Rubber Corner Protectors

Safety comes first, so the tabletop’s corners are each protected by foam bumpers.

Equipment Made for Extreme Play

Play can, as we all know, get a little intense. Our equipment is made to endure even the most intense

games because of this. Give us your ecstatic teenagers or your yearly family competition; our equipment

will withstand it.

Designed for Novices to Experts

We have high-quality equipment for every type of player, whether you just want to have fun, want to

get better, or want high-quality equipment to practise with.

Products Selected for Their Superior Quality

Each product is quality-tested on a unique basis. Since there was no market for it, we created our own

quality testing technique

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