Stiga XTR Outdoor Table

The Stiga XTR Table Tennis table is a high-quality outdoor ping pong table designed for all-

weather use. It features a rugged construction made of aluminum composite with a black powder-

coated steel frame, which ensures durability and longevity. The table is also equipped with a weather-

resistant surface that provides consistent play and bounce, even in humid or wet conditions.

This outdoor ping pong table is designed with convenience and portability in mind. It comes with four

wheels that make it easy to move the table from one place to another. The table also features a foldable

design, which makes it easy to store when not in use.

The Stiga XTR Table Tennis table is regulation size (9 feet long by 5 feet wide) and is approved by

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). This means that this table can be used for professional

tournaments and practice. Other notable features include a playback and storage position for solo play

or space-saving, adjustable leg levelers, and a net and post set.

the Stiga XTR Table Tennis table is a great investment for avid ping pong players who love to play

outdoors. It is built to last and withstand weather conditions while providing excellent playability.

Outdoor Aluminum Top: The aluminium composite top of the XTR Pro provides excellent playability and

all-weather efficiency.

Waterproof:It is the ideal addition to any backyard, deck, garage, or veranda thanks to its durability.

Larger wheels

Massive 6” double-wheeled wheels with locks make it simple to move furniture over uneven terrain.

Able to withstand sun damage

A cap made of aluminium and composite material performs well in all weather conditions. The XTR Pro

was made with the intention of withstanding the weather.

Self-contained halves and playback

The two tables can be fully divided for multiple uses or set in playback position so you can hone your

skills before your next match thanks to independent caster beams on each table.

Convenient Storage

The XTR Pro easily folds into a small storage position despite its size.

Variable Height

Steel table legs that are 1.5” square and feature 2” movable leg levellers support the tabletop and keep

it level even if the floor is not level.

The STIGA XTR Pro strengthens the tried-and-true foundation and construction of the STIGA XTR. The

ideal outdoor game table is this enhanced variation of a STIGA fan favourite. The sturdy, fashionable

design adds the ideal finishing touch to any porch, balcony, garage, or backyard and offers hours of

entertainment for friends and family. The top, made of aluminium composite, provides performance

playability and all-weather weather resistance. The STIGA XTR Pro only needs 15 minutes to put

together because it comes 90% pre-assembled. Once the excitement is over,

The Pro folds up Into a small stowage position with ease.

ALL-WEATHER PERFORMANCE – The aluminium alloy top of the XTR Pro provides excellent playability

and all-weather performance.

QUICK, EASY ASSEMBLY – The STIGA XTR Pro requires only 15 minutes to build because it is 90% pre-

assembled when it is delivered.

CONVENIENT STORAGE – The XTR Pro easily shrinks into a small storage position despite its dimensions.

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