The Best Ping Pong Table Covers: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

The Best Ping Pong Table Covers: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

A nice ping pong table can be rather expensive, and the last thing you want after purchasing a new one is for it to be destroyed. A top quality ping pong table cover is crucial for keeping the table secure and in the best possible condition for play. My previous cover kept my table in wonderful shape and was well worth the money.


Table tennis covers shield your table from rain, filth, and, to some extent, the sun’s harmful UV rays. There are indoor and outdoor variants available. Covermates currently has the greatest ping pong table cover. To keep it from blowing away, it has reinforced corners and buckles.

In this guide, we will look at some of the best ping pong table covers on the market as well as some of the factors to consider when purchasing one.


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Reviews of Outdoor Ping Pong Table Covers


Please keep in mind that you can use outdoor covers indoors but not vice versa. The majority of table tennis covers are for outdoor usage, however a few are strictly for indoor use.



#1. Covermates Cover — Overall Winner




  • W110′′ x D60′′ x H30′′
  • 300D polyester is water-resistant.
  • Weight: 4.25 pounds
  • Warranty: Three years


This Covermates model is the greatest outdoor ping pong table cover. Because it is constructed of water-resistant 300D polyester, it is great for preserving your outdoor ping pong table. This shields your table from whatever Mother Nature may throw at it. It features a fastening strap to keep it from flying away in severe winds, providing you piece of mind. Not only is it of high quality with smart features, but Covermates backs it up with a 3-year warranty.

I’m delighted to see the cover has reinforced corners, as this is a particularly weak point. I used tons of duct tape to fill up all the corner holes on my last cover! It also has something the others don’t: paddle pockets. This means you can store your paddles alongside your table and never lose them. Please keep in mind that this is exclusively for outdoor paddles!


Although an upright version of the Covermates cover was formerly available, they now only sell the one for open table tennis tables. Similarly, a black version was originally offered, but khaki is currently the only color option.

#2. BEILLER Ping Pong Table Cover — Ideal for Windy Conditions





  • W65′′ x D28′′ x H73′′
  • Weight: 2.15 lbs
  • Material: 420D Oxford fabric



Another fantastic alternative for keeping your table safe when not in use is the BEILLER cover. The fabric is 420D Oxford. It has a PVC inner layer, a polyester middle layer, and a UV-coated outside layer. All of these layers combine to make it fairly heavy-duty, indicating that it is a suitable choice for windy places. This is reinforced by the elastic hems and buckles, which keep it firmly attached to your table.

While it is true that BEILLER is not a ping pong brand, it does not need to be. We’re not talking about paddles and balls here, so choosing a well-known table tennis name does not guarantee a superior cover. Given the positive feedback from consumers and the lower price tag compared to the others on this list, we believe this is one of the finest outdoor table tennis covers for windy areas.


Cornilleau Tablecloth




  • W63′′ x D10′′ x H53′′
  • Polyester is the material used.
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds



If you wish to use your table tennis cover outside, choose this polyester cover from French table tennis brand Cornilleau. It is constructed of lightweight polyester and will keep your table clean and free of debris, dust, and scratches.


But there is a catch… It is solely intended for folding tables in the closed position. As a result, if you leave your table uncovered, this is not the best weather-resistant cover for you.


4.STIGA Indoor/Outdoor Premium Table Cover 



  • size; W66.5′′ x D61′′
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 3 pounds



The STIGA Indoor/Outdoor Premium is yet another cover that can be used on both indoor and outdoor tables. However, we would not recommend this if you intend to leave your table outside all year. Although the polyester used in the manufacture of this cover is of good quality, it cannot withstand heavy rain. It’s better suited to indoor storage because it keeps dust and filth at bay and is simple to put on and take off.


5.Heavy-Duty Ping Pong Table Cover by Kettler




  • W72′′ × D26′′ x H66′′
  • Polyester and PVC are the materials used.
  • GSM = 300



Kettler, a leading table tennis brand, provides our final outside cover. Their cover is made of a blend of 70% polyester and 30% PVC. They also employed a 500 Denier UV coating to make this cover entirely weather-resistant. The cover weights 300 GSM and has double stitching and extra material in the weak places for optimal protection, similar to the Covermates cover.

Its full-length zippers make it quite easy to remove, which most people will like, but it is severely deficient in closures. It lacks buckles and elastic hems, so it’s not a cover I’d want if I lived in a windy region (which I do!). Having said that, it is excellently suited to dealing with downpour and intense heat.


It even has an air vent on the top that is sealed with Velcro. Its objective is to improve airflow, but to be honest, I doubt it’s worth utilizing.


Reviews of Indoor Ping Pong Covers


#1. JOOLA Ping Pong Table Cover – Low-Cost Option





  • W70′′ x D7.5′′ x H56′′ (folded table) W108′′ x D54′′ x H10′′ (open table)
  • Thermoplastic nylon is the material used.
  • Weight: 4.25 pounds



The JOOLA ping pong cover is our affordable pick. For a little additional money, you can also get the weatherproof version. The indoor version is constructed of thermoplastic nylon, a high-quality lightweight resistant material that keeps dust and scratches at bay. This cover also works in both the playing and storage positions of your table, which is a major benefit. So, if you’re on a budget and looking for an indoor solution, we believe the JOOLA cover is one of the best table tennis covers available.


Why Do You Need a Table Tennis Table Cover?


Is a tablecloth really necessary? It’s a reasonable question, but chances are you’ve already paid several hundred dollars on your ping pong table, so why ignore that investment? The last thing you want is for it to be harmed in a situation that might have been avoided.

It is kept clean by using a cover.


Keeping your ping pong table clean is essential for it to last and look good. Consider the embarrassment of bringing some friends over for a game only to discover that your table has animal droppings, is entirely covered in dust, or, worst of all, is horribly damaged. Using a ping pong table outdoor cover will keep the surface of your table clean, well-protected, and in good condition. If you need to clean your table, follow our cleaning a ping pong table guide.


Material for Table Tennis Table Covers: A Buyer’s Guide


When selecting a cover, consider the material it is constructed of. You must select the appropriate materials based on where you intend to store your table. If you’re storing it outside, you’ll need a weatherproof ping pong table cover.


If you reside in a particularly sunny place, you might consider investing in a UV protection cover. Otherwise, the color of your table may fade. If this is the case, you should look primarily for HD vinyl or PVC coverings rather than nylon.


Dimensions of the Table


Check that the coverings fit snugly. Whether flat or upright, you must carefully measure the proportions and provide a one or two-inch buffer for safety. Check the specifications of the cover you’re considering against the dimensions of your table to ensure a proper fit.





Following on from the dimensions, you might wish to investigate covers with a fastener. This keeps the cover from flying away in high winds. If you don’t reside in an extremely windy area, this may be unimportant to you. However, we believe it is not worth the risk! The last thing you want to discover when you go outdoors is that your cover has vanished.


The Various Styles of Ping Pong Table Covers



You must select the appropriate ping pong cover design based on how and where you store your table.


Tablecloths for Indoors


These are the covers that can be used on indoor tables. These covers, for example, can be used in homes, garages, and clubs. These covers are made of lightweight fabrics and provide only a basic amount of protection from moisture, dust, and filth.


Outdoor Tablecloths


Outdoor ping pong table covers are stronger and more durable than indoor ping pong table covers. These covers are made of high gauge water-resistant fabrics and are designed to withstand any weather conditions.


Covers with Two Functions


These covers, as the name implies, are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. They often combine the lightness and convenience of use of an indoor table cover with the thick gauge and long-lasting materials of an outdoor table cover, making them quite useful in a variety of settings.


Popular Table Tennis Table Cover Manufacturers


Several businesses provide high-quality covers, but the most crucial factor is to read their customer reviews, particularly the unfavorable ones. Covermates, JOOLA, STIGA, Classic Accessories, and Cornilleau are among the brands we recommend. Some of these companies produce not only excellent ping pong table covers, but also a variety of additional table tennis equipment such as tables, paddles, and robots.


Upright Covers vs. Flat Covers


Ping pong tables have two positions: open and closed, which manufacturers handled by developing upright and flat covers. As the name implies, upright covers are used for tables that are folded. Flat covers, on the other hand, are utilized when the table is open and ready to use.


Because most of us fold our tables when they are not in use, upright covers are more frequent and in higher demand. Some folks, however, like to leave their table open. In fact, certain tables, such as stationary types, lack a folding feature entirely. As a result, these players require flat covers. Before you buy one, double-check the type of cover you want.


Which Cover Should You Get?


In conclusion, any ping pong table cover is preferable to none.


And the model from Covermates is our choice for the best ping pong table cover. Because of the high-quality materials, design, cost, and positive feedback from previous customers, it is the first cover we recommend when asked.


Questions and Answers


What Should I Do With My Table?


If you leave your table outside all year, you should invest in a high-quality table cover. To keep it in the best condition possible, we always recommend keeping it in a garage or inside. Another factor to consider is the format in which your table is stored. Do you keep it unfolded and ready for use? Or do you fold it up to make better use of space? Some covers are suitable for both table orientations, although the majority are designed particularly for foldable table use. Check that your cover will fit over the table however you keep it.


What Can Cause Ping Pong Table Damage?


Ping pong tables, like anything else, are prone to damage. Tables can be scratched or even have large chunks of wood gouged out by playing or falling things. Closing your table helps to limit any damage to the table top, but it does not totally eliminate the risk. When you play outside, you expose your table to additional dangerous elements.


Ping pong tables are they waterproof?


Waterproof tables are only available for outdoor use. The majority of table tennis tables are indoor types. If left out in the elements, they will swiftly deteriorate.

Is it necessary to cover an outdoor ping pong table?


While covering outdoor ping pong tables is not required, it is highly suggested. Outdoor tables are waterproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions, but they, too, may decay over time. Depending on the condition of your outdoor table, warping and rust may occur over the course of several years. Given the low cost of waterproof ping pong table covers in comparison to the cost of a new table, acquiring a ping pong cover for an outdoor table is a no-brainer.


What Kind of Material Can I Use to Cover a Ping Pong Table?


It is advisable to get a specific outdoor ping pong table cover. You could, however, build your own cover out of materials such as vinyl, polyester, or PVC.


Can I wash my ping pong table cover in the washing machine?


There is no indication in the product listings if table tennis coverings are machine washable. I would err on the side of caution and avoid using the washing machine. If you need to clean your cover, hand cleaning is a good option.



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