What size of ping pong table?

There are various kinds of ping pong table are made by company for the various types of plyer here is details information are given below . After carefully reading of all these information you will be able to choose best ping pong table for you self
Small Ping Pong Table:
A ¾ table might even be too large to fit in your available space if you reside in an apartment. Because of this, there is a different, smaller dimension of table that is sometimes referred to as “midsize” tables. For you, we’ve chosen our top midsize desks.
These can be different sizes, but are typically measured in (height x breadth x length). These tables are more comfortable to play on because they are the same height as a full-sized table for table tennis. They are ideal for people who have tiny living spaces and are simple to set up by simply carrying them into position.
Ping-Pong Table Mini:
The miniature ping pong set is now available! These can’t really replace a standard table anymore. They are more of a novelty object that you can carry around for a silly game.
The size and design of mini ping pong tables differ greatly, especially in terms of height. Some tables have legs or supports that raise them to a standard height, while others must be placed on the ground or another surface.
For instance, this rather adorable product from Stiga measures just 68 by 52.5 centimetres and has extremely short legs.
A specifically made outdoor table that you can use in your yard might be a good option if you think a regulation-sized Table Tennis table is too large to install inside your house.
These tables are constructed of a more durable substance that protects them from heat, cold, wind, and moisture.
A high-quality patio table can be quite expensive, but it’s an investment that will give your entire family many years of enjoyment. Regulation-compliant playing surfaces created especially for the game of table tennis are called table tennis tables. (ping-pong). 9′ long are the table tennis platforms. A ping-pong table’s playing area must be raised to a height of 2.5′ | 76 cm, and it has a centre net that is 6″ high and extends 6″ beyond the table’s width.
A variety of materials can be used to build tables, from conventional designs using plywood and/or particle board to more unusual variations made of concrete, metal, plastic, or fibre-glass. The material of a table tennis table is a personal choice, but the ball should bounce consistently on the surface when thrown from a height of 9.1″ | 23 cm to 11.8″
A dark hue, either dark green or dark blue, must run parallel to the horizontal on the table. The International Table Tennis Federation determines it.
The folding ping pong table measures 22”(W) x 60.25”(L) x 65.75” when it is folded in half.(H).Both edges of the table have white sidelines running the full length of them. The sideline measures 2 cm in diameter.
Additionally, a white end line runs the length of the table on both ends. The sideline measures 2 cm in diameter.
A white centre line runs across the table as well. The centerline is 3 mm in diameter. When playing double games, it is used to split the table into equal halves.

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