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Buying Guide A Ping Pong Table ( 2023)

It can be difficult to find the ideal ping-pong table. How can you find the best solution for your needs when there are so many to choose from? Not to worry! We’ve been selling tables since 2001, so we’re well-equipped to help you on your way to finding your perfect match.

We understand the flurry of questions that may be racing through your head. Let’s simplify this process and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. What is our goal? To assist you in saving both time and money by avoiding purchases that fall short of your requirements.


Elegant design or tough durability? A personal entertainment system or a source of fun for your children? Is portability required? Elegant racket holders? How important is bounce quality to you?


If the thought of wasting your hard-earned money on the wrong table worries you, know that you’re in good hands! Our objective is to assist you in selecting a table that suits your specific requirements.

An indoor ping-pong table may help you improve your game, provide excitement to dull evenings, and be the life of any gathering. Ping-pong isn’t just for entertainment; it’s also a fun method to burn calories! Let us go on this exciting trip together.


Should you purchase a table?


Is there enough place for a table?


First, make sure you have an acceptable room with enough space.

Considerations for Table Size

Ping-pong tables are available in a variety of sizes, but there is only one official regulatory size. There are both regulation/standard-sized tables and non-regulation/non-standard tables available. The latter are only for recreational purposes. Regulation-size, or competition-size, ping-pong tables are built to the International Table Tennis Federation’s (ITTF) specifications. Almost every table you’ll come across is of standard size.


A ping-pong or table tennis table is typically 9ft x 5ft x 2.5ft (108in × 60in x 30in).

Non-regulation recreational ping-pong tables, on the other hand, exist in a variety of smaller sizes. There is no standard little size, and each manufacturer has their own. A non-regulation ping-pong or table tennis table is typically 6ft x 3ft x 2.5ft (72in x 36in x 30in).


Area for Playing

When purchasing a table, you should also consider the amount of space available around the table. To comfortably play ping-pong, we recommend at least 4-5 feet of space on all four sides. If you don’t have adequate space, you might wish to postpone purchasing a table.


Before purchasing a table, we strongly advise you to determine where you have available space in your home or business. Make sure the playing space is not near anything that can easily break in a home setup. If fragile or expensive goods are near the table, they should be relocated or protected. Similarly, where a table is placed in a workplace influences not only the players, but also the other employees.

The noise level is the most important consideration, thus the playing space should be secluded enough to not distract others or interfere with their job.


Considerations for an Outdoor Table


Although outdoor playing places often have more space to work with, there are several aspects to consider when deciding where to set up your table. Playing outside in the fresh air is fantastic, but too much sunlight or wind can make it tough. If you reside in a windy area, try to find a location with natural barriers (walls, trees, etc.) to reduce the effects. You should also think about the ground beneath the table, especially if your table demands a level surface.Grass or dirt absorbs more shock, but it can be difficult to move properly when compared to a wood deck or concrete.

Who will you be playing with?

It is alleged that a prominent rap musician once feigned home maintenance concerns in order to play ping-pong with the handyman when he came over.


It sounds desperate, but it’s true! Ping-pong is a two-person game, thus you must have a partner. Even the most inexpensive ping-pong tables are expensive, so make sure you have someone to play with. Otherwise, your table may begin to gather dust in a corner.


  • Do you have any buddies who would like to play with you?
  • Are any family members interested in participating?
  • Are your coworkers interested in playing if you purchase a table for the office?

If you answered yes to these questions, then go for it. Otherwise, instead of purchasing a table that you may not use, you could be better off joining your local club.


You may be incredibly passionate about the game, and it may be difficult to meet someone who shares your enthusiasm. So you’ll need to find a genuine playing companion.


Some gamers pool their resources to purchase a ping-pong table. This can be an excellent approach for players on a tight budget to get a table. Just make sure the cost-sharing and table usage arrangements are worked out ahead of time.


If you work in an office, you should try to persuade your manager that acquiring a table is a smart idea. Ping-pong is an excellent method to bring staff together while also providing them with a healthy break from sitting all day.


What is your financial situation?


Once you’ve decided that a ping-pong table is a good investment, you should set a budget. Ping-pong tables can be purchased for as little as $400 and as much as $4000.


A high-end table does not have to cost thousands of dollars. For less than $700, recreational home players can often get a long-lasting, high-quality table that plays like a competition table.


Tables can be divided into these pricing ranges.


Ping-Pong Tables That Aren’t Regulated


These tables are the most cheap, with prices ranging from $100 to $450. They are great for children or beginning players who do not have a large budget or do not have enough space for a full-size table.


Full-size tables are also available in this price range, but they typically have very thin surfaces that result in a weak and irregular bounce and are unlikely to last long.


Table-Top Thickness is one of the 10 features to look for when purchasing a table.


Surface thickness refers to the thickness of the table’s surface; it is maybe the most significant component to consider when buying a table tennis table.


A thick table surface means an even bounce; the ITTF requires the ball to bounce at least 23 cm on the table when dropped from a height of 30 cm. Low-thickness tables provide irregular bounces, which impair your playing pleasure.


You are not need to observe ITTF guidelines as a recreational home or office player.


The following are the most typical indoor table thicknesses:

14mm and smaller Indoor tables in this category are not recommended since the bounce will most likely be erratic.




Purchase only if you are on a tight budget or want a very lightweight table for beginners.




18 and 19mm tables provide a strong bounce and a modest weight for intermediate players.





The second best, which may be found in club class tables. 22mm tables, especially those from premium brands, can give great bounce.




The best performance and most constant bounce; found in tables of competitive caliber.





Ping-pong table weight is directly connected to durability: the heavier the table, the longer it will last. Tables for competition can weigh more than 300 pounds, whereas recreational tables are often much lighter.



The weight of the table reveals the quality of the wood, as well as its sturdiness and endurance. A heavier table is typically built of higher grade wood or wood composite, resulting in a smooth surface for an even bounce. The thickness of the tabletop and frame is also important. Because of the larger tabletop and more durable structure, a 25mm table will be significantly heavier than a 15mm table.


If you move and change houses frequently, you should probably pick a lighter table with wheels for more portability. A hefty table is difficult to transport, particularly if it lacks wheels, and you don’t want to pack and ship a massive table every time you relocate.


Frame Stability


The durability of the structure is another important consideration when selecting a table. Look for a table with a sturdy frame constructed of high-quality materials such as aluminum or stainless steel. Furthermore, seek for tables with more connecting elements because they are more durable.


The frame is the primary structural component of your table. You must pay particular attention to the frame because it is a crucial component of any ping-pong table.


Indoors Versus. Outside


Are you intending to install your table inside your house or outside on a patio or lawn?


Because outdoor tables must be waterproof, location is critical. Outdoor tables are made of sturdier and cured materials (metal, synthetics) because they are exposed to natural factors such as wind, rain, sunlight, and humidity. They are typically more expensive than indoor tables, but they will undoubtedly endure longer.


There are no hard and fast restrictions; outside tables can be used indoors, although it may not be the most cost-effective alternative. Outdoor tables, on the other hand, might be a wonderful alternative for garages and other locations that endure significant humidity or large temperature swings. Outdoor table materials keep up well in these environments, however indoor table materials may have a shorter lifespan.


Storage, wheels, and portability


Ping-pong tables are huge and can weigh up to 100 pounds. As a result, the convenience with which the table can be moved might be an essential decision element. If portability is vital, search for tables with wheels on the legs and those that can be simply folded and moved.

Larger wheels roll more smoothly on uneven ground, which is especially useful for outdoor tables. Higher-end tables frequently have the largest and most durable wheels, which aids in movement throughout the lawn or patio. If you intend to move your table regularly or if your playing area is uneven, a table with huge wheels is a good idea.


Capability to Replay


Playback mode is a highly desired feature. A table with fold up playback mode allows you to fold up one half of the table and utilize it as a backboard for your shots. When you don’t have somebody to play with, you can practice alone. Beginners typically use this function to get a feel for the game.


On the other hand, an advanced player will rarely practice like way because the trajectory of the ball, when struck with enough spin and speed, does not adequately mirror in-game conditions. We choose table tennis robots for the finest solo practice since they provide a more realistic ball trajectory and practice experience.

Assembly of the Table

When purchasing a ping-pong table for your home, it is critical to consider how much assembly is required. Assembly can take as little as ten minutes or as long as several hours. Ideally, you would get one that requires less assembly time. The assembling time can be found in the product description or in customer feedback. A product-specific manual or demonstration film may also be available.

Fortunately, almost all models are simple to construct. You must be cautious, however, because if you don’t know exactly how to place the pieces together, you may harm the frame and surface.

Professional table builds generally require elaborate instructions, although most tables are rather simple to assemble. Check to see what tools are required for effective table assembly. More intricate assemblies will almost probably necessitate the use of specialized tools, and this information should be included in the instructions.

In general, there is no charge for assembly service. You can often figure it out yourself by conducting some research and viewing some YouTube videos. I’d recommend reading the installation documentation before purchasing the table so you’re prepared.

In the worst-case scenario, if you order a table that requires assembly and are not overly technical, you can hire someone to construct it for you. You can hire a local handyman to assist you with this task, but first make sure they are knowledgeable with the procedure.


Availability of Spare Parts


We recommend obtaining a ping-pong table from a reputable manufacturer. Replacement components will be readily available if you lose or break a piece of the table. Furthermore, buying a popular model improves the possibility that the manufacturer will have spare parts available when you need them.

Ping-pong, once considered the mainstay of mildewed basements, garages, and old school dive bars, has made a spectacular comeback at high-end sports bars, restaurants, and leisure rooms worldwide.

Encouraged by these entertaining trends, many millennials are buying ping-pong tables for their homes in droves, and we at Megaspin are thrilled to assist you in acquiring ping-pong tables from one of the world’s greatest brands.


Table Reviews


JOOLA TOUR 2500 Ping Ping Table

Dimensions: 108′′ x 60′′ x 30′′ | Weight: 249lbs | Design: Two-piece | Frame: 50mm metal | Surface Thickness: 25mm | Usage: Indoor | Net Style: Clip net |

JOOLA Tour 2500 is unique in that it performs as well as a competition table while remaining economical and simple to set up for home users seeking a highly robust table on a budget. It has numerous great qualities, such as a durable construction, a 25mm-thick surface, a firm undercarriage, and a compact design.

JOOLA is synonymous with quality and great performance — for numerous years, JOOLA has been the official ping-pong table brand for the Olympics, as well as several US Open open and US National ping-pong competitions. JOOLA became a US-owned brand in 2019. JOOLA tables can be found at schools, sports recreation centers, and a few households around the United States.


The JOOLA Tour 2500 is a regulation-sized table, measuring 108′′ x 60′′ x 30′′.

This table features a classic compact form with two distinct, stand-alone sections.

This type is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for storage. Its parts fit into each other to save space.

The tabletop is made of 25mm thick MDF; the competition-grade surface thickness allows the ping-pong ball to bounce high and uniformly, allowing players to enjoy the game even at the highest level of competition. The table has been USATT authorized, which means it can be used in USATT-sanctioned competitions. This table is a favorite among table tennis clubs.

This table’s MDF board has been painted many times to prevent chipping and extend the life of the table.

The undercarriage and metal frame are made of solid metal, and the undercarriage is strong and durable. The undercarriage also includes adjustable height levelers for rough terrain, as well as an anti-tilting system to promote safety during folding and unfolding.


Cornilleau  510M Outdoor Table

Dimensions: 108′′ x 60′′ x 30′′ | Weight: 170lbs | Design: Non-Folding | Frame: 60mm galvanized steel | Surface: 7mm Resin laminate with MATTOP finish | Usage: Outdoor |


510M Cornilleau A robust stationary table that operates like a competition table is a great choice for institutions. Despite the fact that it is not an ITTF-approved table, its bounce could easily pass the ITTF table approval test.

Cornilleau’s 510M Outdoor table is yet another exceptional model. This ping-pong table is ideal for patios, lawns, outdoor sports clubs, and resorts. The table is designed to be anchored to the ground, and it can be readily installed in 1 to 2 hours using the documentation included in the package.

Because of its permanent leg assembly, galvanized steel legs, steel net, and weather-protected resin laminated table-top, we chose it as the best outdoor table. The table’s robust steel composition ensures that it will not deteriorate over time or when exposed to adverse weather conditions. Our research and user feedback confirm the brand’s initial claims of sturdiness and lifespan. Even with everyday use, the table does not wear readily.

Additional safety elements include racket holders, ball dispensers, and corner padding. If you are dissatisfied with the steel net, they can exchange it with a conventional net for a small fee.

Overall, the Cornilleau 510M Outdoor table is a fantastic outdoor table that is well worth the money. It will last you a long time and allow you to have hours of outdoor fun with your friends, family, or colleagues.


Best Stationary Indoor Table > STIGA Expert VM



Weight: 313lbs | Design: Stationary Two-piece | Frame: 60mm | Surface Thickness: 30mm | Usage: Indoor |

For consumers searching for a robust top-performing ITTF-approved table, the Stiga Expert VM is ideal for semi-permanent indoor use; garages, gymnasiums, or leisure rooms.


There are several variations of these tables available, but we recommend the one built in Germany. This table is manufactured in the same factory that produces some of the most well-known competition tables on the market.

The Stiga Expert VM is an indoor ping-pong table that is full-sized. It has some notable features, such as a 30mm table-top, a 60mm frame, and a sturdy substructure.

The Stiga Expert VM’s most notable feature is its 30mm fiberboard tabletop. Surface thickness on competition-grade ping-pong tables is 25mm; the Expert VM is one of the few tables with a thickness greater than 25mm. The 30mm fiberboard guarantees that each bounce provides a pro-like playing experience.

The table is made up of two separate parts that are connected together by a net.

The table may be folded into two parts and pushed aside for very compact storage. A 60mm thick steel frame supports the table.

The table’s legs are similarly composed of sturdy steel; each table half has four robust legs for optimal structural stability.

The table is intended for competition use, but it may also be utilized in a garage, rec center, school gymnasium, bar, or any other indoor venue requiring a strong, high-performance table.

This table has a few downsides, including restricted portability, no built-in accessory holders, no fold-up playback mode, and a shorter guarantee period when compared to other brands. The table weighs 313 pounds, and while a heavy table indicates a strong table, it may be difficult to transport if necessary.


Best Designer Table For Home

Dimensions: 108″ x 60″ x 30″ | Weight: 231.5lbs | Design: Stationary | Frame: Coated steel with wood legs | Usage: Indoor and Outdoor |


A creative synthesis of the past, present, and future. The RS Barcelona You and Me – Black combines the timeless elegance of a matte black surface with the sleek lines of contemporary design, resulting in an avant-garde entire product.

The RS Barcelona is here to astonish and delight people who seek the best from their decor and refuse to compromise. The RS Barcelona You and Me table has the unique capacity to blend in while also standing out.

A coated steel frame and iroko wooden legs support the high pressure laminate (HPL) black tabletop. A storage area on the underside of the tabletop is great for storing your favorite rackets and balls (accessories are supplied with the table).

The concept of “Intense Living” is central to RS Barcelona’s approach to enjoyment, growth, and shared experiences. RS Barcelona has designed their goods to inspire togetherness in a world where it can be difficult to find time to actually connect. The polyester net may be removed, transforming the table into a dining or conference room table.

Whether it’s match time, dinner time, or time to go to work, the RS Barcelona You and Me will give a fashionable and solid foundation, ideal for making lifelong memories.


Best Sturdy Outdoor Table> Cornilleau Park Outdoor Table

Dimensions: 108′′ x 60′′ x 30′′ | Weight: 356lbs | Non-Folding Design | Frame: 89mm galvanized steel | Surface: 9mm resin laminate | Usage: Outdoor | Net Style: Fixed steel net


Cornilleau Park is the most durable ping-pong table we’ve found for school playgrounds, public parks, and sports facilities.

Cornilleau Park Outdoor is a tank of ping-pong tables made for public areas and severe environments. It’s a regulation-sized ping-pong table, just like the others we’ve featured. It has an extremely strong 9mm resin laminate top and a galvanized steel frame that is 89mm thick.

The Cornilleau Park outside is created for outside use in places such as parks, sports clubs, patios, and lawns.

It is most suited for use in schools, playgrounds, and clubs. However, homeowners can employ this beast to enjoy playing ping-pong in their lawn on sunny days. The table is composed of high-quality materials that will not deteriorate over time.

Despite its high price, we believe Cornilleau Park Outdoor is well worth the money. To avoid glare in outdoor conditions, the tabletop is coated with a gray finish utilizing Cornilleau’s MATTOP technology. Despite its thin surface (9mm), the laminated tabletop produces an equal bounce.

The firm is well-known for creating tables that meet the most stringent European safety standards. Steel table corners are protected with guards to assist prevent any injuries when touching the table edges.

The table is intended to be permanently installed in the ground, so choose your location carefully before purchasing. Park is a large table that must be fixed to the ground. Make sure you know where you want to put this table because it does not come apart easily once bolted down!

To make the table heavier, a sand ballast kit is offered as an add-on. A 12-inch fastening kit is also available to help attach the table on soft surfaces such as grass.

This table features a simple design and no built-in storage space for rackets and balls. Storage space is not usually expected on tables intended for public use.


STIGA Optimum 30

Dimensions: 108′′ x 60′′ x 30′′ | Weight: 310lbs | Design: Two-piece| Frame: 61mm profiled steel | Material: Fibreboard | Surface Thickness: 30mm | Use: Indoor | Net Style: Removable steel net

Stiga Optimum 30 is a wheeled variant of the Stiga Expert VM that is also manufactured in Germany. Stiga Optimum 30 is the Stiga Expert VM equivalent of Butterfly Octet 25. Competitive players seeking tournament-quality bounce as well as table portability may choose this table. It is appropriate for gymnasiums and sports clubs, as well as individuals who require a high-quality bounce to practice at home.

The table boasts a 30mm high-performance surface, a 60mm metal frame, and a sturdy chassis. It includes an ITTF-approved lock-and-fold construction and eight wheels, making it one of the most portable tables in its price range.

The International Table Tennis Federation approves tables based on their bounce quality, and this table’s ITTF accreditation means you can expect consistent standard table bounce across all regions of the table. A triple coat of gloss varnish is applied to the table to improve friction and enhance the spin sensation while playing.

The chassis construction of the undercarriage, metal frame, and fiberboard are comprised of high-quality robust components that you would expect from a German product. Leg-levelers are installed on all four legs to allow the table’s height to be adjusted on uneven terrain.

Because to the folding mechanism and semi-automatic lock-and-fold design, each half of the table slides smoothly when folded and unfolded.

The table takes up minimal room when folded, and it only takes one person to fold the entire table.


The table does not come constructed and will take 1-2 hours to put up. Once set up, you’ll have a sturdy table that will last for a long time.

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